The Rome post

Told you I would be back. Was planning to do at least a weekly update while in Rome but after 3 bottles of wine writing is harder, thou friends would argue most the posts here are after a few drinks.

Anyways the big one Rome Italy!

Lets start with the good:

There is a lot and I can go on for whole paragraphs about it (and may)

The area is gorgeous. For a city with so many people and that has stood for thousands years it really has a small town feel. With no building over 6 story turn down any side street and it really transforms into a small town.

The food. My god the food. How is the whole country not 500 pounds I don’t know (likely due to all the no steps, more on that later). Italian dinners are later usually around 8-9pm. Meal sizes are huge, usually a pasta dish first followed by your meat plate.

All the food tasted wonderful. With homemade sauces and fresh pasta I will never look at American “Italian” food the same way ever again.

Wish I got pictures of the galato because it was great as well. Some of it gave me diabetes just looking at it.

Wine was wonderful as well. But admittedly I’m not a wine expert.

The sites/art. The pictures speak for themselves

Words can’t do the art justice and I have far to much of the it to post here, all of what I have will be uploaded somewhere at another time.

The people of Rome were friendly and funny.

The bad:

Honestly not a lot. Most of these complaints are petty but only listed because I still hurt.

My god the stairs, or no steps as we call them. Now your asking what I’m talking about, I have examples!

That is one example, many steps sometimes uneven in slope or height. These are all over Rome. Again it’s a petty complaint, since most these stairs are older then my country there is little that can be done. I can’t even look at stairs without small amounts of ptsd now.

Also in the bad corner are some of the locals. While most locals are friendly the people in the tighter tourist areas are pushy to nickel and dime you. Buyer beware.

The ugly.

As you can guess Rome is a huge tourist attraction and for good reason. That said there are groups of people out there to scam you out of your euros. My hope is to educate some people of these and not be a dummy like me.

Visit any major attraction in Rome and you will very likely run into these guys. A group of Africans who are really friendly and “give” you bracelets in exchange for a few coins to “feed there family”. The story is always the same and the bracelets not even worth a buck in the states. Due to my fumble and a little wind these guys ran with €20 out of me. A lesson learned the hard way. Funny story I got call an a-hole by these scammers a week later after advising a had no cash on me.

Another popular scam in Europe is the fake petition scam. I only just now learned of this one. Had one person in Rome attempt this but we ignored it completely.

Overall in the ugly section I advise being aware as there are seedy people in popular tourist areas.

But the city as a whole is wonderful and if you have the opportunity to visit then go. My goal was to turn my girlfriend into someone who wants to travel and Rome helped immensely.

Till next time readers

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